The Worth of Windows 10 OEM Version

What a lot of people do not realize is that besides the product they are also paying for the brand, the packaging, the place where the product is being sold, the guy that helped you while you choose, basically you are paying for the whole experience. While the OEM version of the software you only get an unmarked box with the software in it and nothing more. But the Rate is almost 50 percent of the branded one Which one will you choose?

If you are wise and practical you would choose the windows 10 OEM version, not only is it cheaper, it is totally the same as the original.

This is the way to go since if you choose for the lifted ones you get from the internet, you are not sure if you are getting the full software and if the software is clean. Some of the stuff being sold out there has viruses that can capture your login details.

I once tried using one of those free version online, my pc got like 8 viruses the second I installed the product. Ads kept popping up and it won't shut down. I needed to do a whole reinstall just to remove the harm done by the lifted software. So if you are sensitive about the Windows 10 price you can just go for the OEM version and experience the power of Windows 10 at half the price.

Now it is not the price that makes the real difference, the big difference will be the fact that it is really the same software from the inside. Now if you really think about it, the brand is the only difference the OEM and the software is different the rest is basically the same.

Basically if you the type of person who loves brands and branding then go for the branded products, but if you are the type of person that goes for function more than style then the OEM version will not be a problem for you. In the end it is still a matter of taste and funds.