Top 10 Best free QR code creator of 2020 for your marketing

QR codes have evolved so much in the past few years, from the monochromatic QR code colors to customized QR codes used by different brands and companies as an effective marketing tool to enhance their business. It is used in various sectors as well, such as in Health, Education, Fashion, E-commerce, retail, wholesale, and several others. And of the driving factors why the use of QR codes are soaring day by day, is its quick access to information and its ability to cater multimedia content in a single QR code!

Furthermore, it gives customers engaging and personalized experience using their smartphones, allowing them to be in control of the situation!

Select the best free QR code creator for your marketing campaign!

As you’ll be compromising your personal details when generating your QR codes, it is crucial to choose the one that is innovative, reliable, and will help you along your QR code marketing journey! And if you are looking for a credible and free QR Code generator online, this review is for you!

In order for you to save some time trying out multiple QR code creators online: Here are the top 10 best QR code creators of 2020 I have tried!

1. QRTiger 10/10

QRTIGER is a free QR code creator that offers unlimited scans of your QR code even if it’s static. It is one of the most used QR code creators online trusted by prominent business brands like Universal, Ford, Midea, Yakult, Your M&S, and many others. It is a credible QR code software that provides security behind your QR code even if it’s static or Dynamic.

It produces high-quality custom-design QR codes with accurate data tracking analysis. With QRTiger, you are able to:

  • Choose multiple design and patterns
  • Customize the eye corners
  • Set colors
  • Add a logo or image of your brand/product.
  • Download it in different formats like JPG and SVG

Moreover, it provides various QR code features like URL QR code VCard, Multi URL QR code, file upload ( PDF), WIFI QR Code, MP3, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email and Text QR codes! It has very responsive customer service as well, which is quick to answer all of your QR code queries.

In short, QRTiger is your one-stop-shop for all of your QR code needs!

2. 7/10 is a free QR code creator and simple to use, but it’s a bit challenging and confusing to set-up, and it does not cater to a variety of QR code solutions. It is quite hard to customize your QR code as you won’t be able to see its colors and its actuality unless you have downloaded it. So if you aren’t so much in a hurry of customizing your QR code, is recommendable to use as well. The only downside is that it does not provide multiple design options.

However, it supports creating a QR code for free for your basic contact details such as phone number, SMS, Bulk text, link and V-card, and email that is crucial for business. With regards, if it provides unlimited scans of your QR code, I cannot fully guarantee as it does not have a static or dynamic QR code option.

I tried creating an SMS QR code without signing up, and the QR code downloads right away but only in a PNG format.

3. QR Code.Appspot 7/10

QR code. Appspot QR code creator has a simple vibe yet a nice interface as well. This free QR code creator does not allow you to design your QR code, but it is easy to navigate and simple to use. You don’t need to be like a QR code enthusiast to understand how to use it. All you need to do is enter the information in the box below needed to generate your QR code.

Moreover, it does not require you to sign-up like the other free QR code creator before you can generate your static QR code. Once you create your QR code using QR Code.Appspot, you can download it right away to your computer at ease. If you want your QR code simple and sleek, this free QR code creator is recommendable as well.

About its customer support, unfortunately, QR code. Appspot lacks it.

4. QRickit 6/10

This free QR code creator is unlike any other QR code creator you see online. It is similar to a bio-data form that you have to fill-up, but the goal is to make your QR code. It has a neutral color combination of black and grey designs around its corners and very simple.

However, QRickit only allows you to create a URL QR code and nothing more. You can add colors to your QR code, and optional text is available below it, but you won’t see how it looks like unless you click on the "QReate" button, which will then generate your QR code. You can choose the type of image file for your QR code, like PNG, JPG, or GIF. However, it does not have the option for a Dynamic QR code.

This QR code creator is effortless to use, and I can assure you that you will have an easy time creating your QR codes in a matter of seconds!

5. Mobile Barcode 5/10

Mobile barcode is probably one of the oldest QR code creators online. This QR code generator is also easy to use, wherein you can generate your QR code from SMS, website links, URLs, contact details, and many more.

It is one of the most used QR code generators online and also effortless to use. All you need to do is copy the URL of your QR code in the box and click the "submit" button to start creating your QR code.

QR codes generated using this software are fast, and you will experience easiness along your QR Code journey.

6. uQR Code Generator 5/10

uQR Code generator is one of the most famous free QR code creators online. It supports multiple QR code solutions such as Google Map, SMS, URLs, V-cards, and you can custom design your QR code as to how you want it to be.

Unlike other free QR code creators online requiring you to sign-up to get started with your QR code marketing campaign, with uQR, you can instantly generate your QR code without the troublesome signing up for the 14-day trial period. This allows you to test the efficiency of the QR code creator by making it free to use. Moreover, this free QR code creator provides effective customer support and very responsive as well to your QR code issues and queries.

7. Tec-it 7/10

Tec-it may not be as stylish with its interface like the other free QR code creators out there, but it allows you to produce well stylize QR codes for free, whether it's for your electronic business cards, websites, WIFI, text messages and so much more.

Unlike other QR code creator where you can customize your QR codes like set the color of your choice, design, and layout. Tec-it only produces monochromatic QR code colors. Nonetheless, it's an excellent free QR code creator online that you can trust.

8. GoQR 7/10

For a first-timer, GoQR can be a bit challenging to use and navigate. It has limited QR code features and does not really allow you overall and complete customization of your QR code. GoQR claims to provide a wide range of QR code uses from t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise, but I am not entirely sure of its outcome.

Just like Tec-it, it only allows you to create a black and white QR code. Nevertheless, you can add a logo on your QR code that will represent your brand, aim, and overall target. The downside is that, instead of having your logo and adding it yourself, you still have to email them the logo that you want to put in your QR code, which can be a bit bothering and time-consuming process.

However, one of the best advantages of this free QR code creator is that you can print your QR code to any size variation with respect to your QR codes' original size.

9. QR Stuff 6/10

This free QR code creator can be a bit overwhelming to use for first-timers and can be a bit confusing and challenging to navigate. Moreover, QR Stuff does not allow you to make custom-design on your QR code without registering first.

This QR code creator does not provide unlimited scans of your QR code, so you might as well use their dynamic QR code generator, which is paid, to fully experience its efficiency and if it suits your need. Furthermore, they have a lot of QR code solutions you can choose from Skype, LinkedIn, iTunes, Paypal, business card, event QR code, and so much more which are not present in other free QR code creator online.

10. Visual Lead 7/10

Visual Lead has a very eye-catchy and appealing interface that allows you to create an artistic type of QR code. It is well-organized in which they divided their QR code categories into five according to its kind: business, personal, URL, social, and utility. The user will surely won't lose track of his QR code journey.

To create your QR code, you just have to select from which category your QR code belongs. Enter the URL or the data needed to generate your QR code in the box provided and tap on the "next" button,

You can customize your QR code as well, like add a logo, image, set the colors, and such, but it's a bit difficult to handle at first. If you spend some amount of time with this free QR code creator, you might as well master how to go about it and get used to it. So it's going to take some patience for a while. Moreover, you also need to create your account on this free QR code creator so you can proceed with your QR code making process.

Furthermore, Visual Lead also offers you a variety of selection of custom tools to design your QR code. This is a must-try!


Once you realize the potential and benefit of QR code for your marketing, the next question for that would be: how to generate them? What is the best free QR code creator should I use? There are various QR code software available online, and all of these QR code creators mentioned above are unique and best in their way- but, QRTiger stands out as the best free QR code generator online of 2020. It has a wide array of QR code solutions for all of your QR needs. There’s no need for you to look for other QR code creators because QRTiger is your one-stop-shop!