What Is Cloud Computing & The Advantages of Cloud Computing

As a business owner or employee you’ve probably noticed that we have moved into an era where understanding technology has become a necessary requirement. To ensure one stays relevant and ahead of the competition it has become paramount that we counter downtime, inefficiency and systems with the solutions technology provide us today.

Due to recent events most businesses have realised the importance of being able to access files remotely and having a business that is flexible and adaptable. The cloud makes this possible.

How have we always stored information?

Our founder, Roy Westfehling, explains this: “If you were to imagine an office with 50 employees you could expect there to be:

- A Network

- Cabling

- Switches

- WiFi Access Points

- Servers

- Firewalls

- Other IT equipment.

This meant most of the equipment would usually be neatly setup in a data cabinet in a server room. All Laptops and Desktops in the office will connect to this infrastructure, with cables or wirelessly, to access their information on the servers. This information would consist of:

- Datafiles

- My Documents

- Accounting applications

- Backups

- Databases

- Email

- And other data.”

But why waste time and energy with outdated and unreliable technology and risk physical damage or loss? Enter the Cloud Computing solution.

Today you don’t have to see your IT Systems but can still access it. What has happened here is that your information has been moved to the Cloud or the Internet meaning you can now remove all the equipment once needed to store all the date.

This move has been labelled a “Digital Shift” or a Cloud Migration and fairly simply to achieve provided you have the correct IT Service Provider as a partner.

In a nutshell cloud computing means that you can store and access your data and programs over the Internet instead of having to store it on your computer’s hard drive. Basically, “The Cloud” is just a metaphor for the Internet.

Rather than owning their own computing infrastructure or data centres, companies can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud services provider. The benefit of cloud computing is that you only pay for the services you use which reduces your operating costs. It offers faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale which helps you scale as your businesses grows or when sales and website visits fluctuate.

The Advantages Of Cloud Computing

1. It’s cost-effective when done correctly

Using the Cloud as a solution a business would no longer have the cost of maintaining local servers and network infrastructure and would now pay a monthly fee to access all your information on the Internet (The Cloud). The benefit of cloud computing is that you only pay for the services you use which reduces your operating costs.

2. It’s scalable

Having a Cloud Solution in place has allowed businesses to have the flexibility to scale up or down depending on the amount of staff they have. If they employ more staff, you would scale up the amount of users that access your Cloud Infrastructure. If you were to reduce the number of staff, you would scale down. You can move your processes over time as it is a scalable transition. Many business owners post-pone moving to the cloud because of the sheer amount of work they believe it will take, but we have a process in place to ensure a smooth transition. One of the more popular cloud solutions are Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Webservices. For more information on how to move to the cloud or how to Make the Digital Shift, please contact us to customise a solution for your business.

3. It’s safe

More often than not cutting-edge cloud encryption offers more security than you enjoyed with the standard in-house system.

4. It’s easy to use

You don’t have to retrain your staff. Cloud based more often than not allow you to use the applications you were use to before but will now ensure they are available no matter where you work from

5. You’ll enjoy heightened productivity and flexibility

With the cloud you will enjoy faster access to information, easy access and 24/7 availability with Cloud Computing.

So what are the Cloud Computing options out there?

Cloud Computing services have been around for over a decade. The most common types of Cloud Services are Hosted Exchange (E-mail), Website Hosting (Website) and Share Point (File System). All this means is that your IT Services are hosted in a DataCenter somewhere in the world, safe and secure from hackers, theft or damage.

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